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Commonwealth-TowerCommonwealth Towers is a prominent skyscraper that is almost sold out. It offers a 99-year leasehold for its exquisite condos that are strategically placed in the middle of community amenities. It is located in Queensway residential area along the famous commonwealth avenue.

The Commonwealth Towers features 844 homes on 43 storeys. Queensway is a unique city that is named after the queen of England. Today, it is modernized residential area that holds the dignity that the queen would love to see.

Commonwealth Towers adds a classy feel in this neighborhood with its outstanding condos built just across the Queenstown MRT station. The developer is renowned in the whole Singapore as the largest developers with a broad portfolio of residential properties, City Developments Ltd.

City Developments Limited

Also known as Singapore’s property pioneer, CDL is a real estate company already listed in Singapore and operating a company with an extensive global presence of 94 locations in 26 countries. Besides the residential properties, the company has also invested in hotels, serviced apartments and shopping malls.

Its way of planning and executing the plan on the ground is authentic, making it a reputable company that many investors want. Both in Singapore and internationally it has set high standards and been involved in different projects that have made their portfolio top notch.

What Type of Condos Are We Talking About?

These condos are different in their sizes, ranging from one to four bedroom, they give opportunities to every Singaporean whether with a large or small family, whether single or with a family. Types of condos, exact sizes and number are:

• One bedroom: These are 341 units each measuring 41-45 SQM.
• Two bedrooms: 271 units each measuring 64-74 SQM.
• Three Bedrooms: There are 75 units each measuring 84 SQM.
• Three bedrooms with Yard: They are 120 units each measuring between 96-100 SQM.
• Four Bedrooms: 38 units with each measuring 121 SQM.

The variety is wide, ensuring they have something for everyone. The prices are already out, the faster you contact them, the better. Singaporeans are grabbing this condo very fast; you would not want to miss the chance to settle your family once and for all.

Why invest in Commonwealth Towers?

With millions of Singaporeans working hard to own a home, it has become a priority for everyone both young and the old. In return, the government ensures equal opportunities are offered to all who would love to be homeowners.

The Commonwealth Towers is one project that has developed with the ordinary Singaporean in mind. Many features attract one to these towers. These features are vital to your daily running of both your work and family life. Some of the features include:

Developer: The renowned developers have broken record in property development. Commonwealth Towers is one of a kind, attractive well designed residential apartments that you don’t just buy a home but you purchase a unique design, excellent, elegant finishing, and quality materials; you buy quality and worth!
Accessibility: The Commonwealth Towers are a short drive to the Queensway shopping center, Holland Village, IKEA Alexandra and The Anchorage. It is readily available from the Commonwealth Avenue, Queenstown MRT station, and Alexandra Road. Road is an important infrastructure to any residential area especially for some who may not be driving. Public transport is nearby, and whether you either drive or walk, it is faster to get to your destination. You can easily access home, work, play, and school within your reach making it ideal for most people who love living in a centralized area.
Schools: There are quite some educational institutions around the Commonwealth Towers. They include Gan Eng. Seng Primary and Secondary School, Queenstown Primary School, CHIJ St. Theresa Convent and Crescent Girls School. It saves your child on travelling.

Shopping: Major shopping malls are within a walking distance to the IKEA Alexandra mall, Queensway Shopping Centre, Alexandra Central and Anchor point Shopping Centre. All these malls stock lots of retail food and beverage and entertainment options. A family or friends outing to these malls won’t be a dull idea either.

Entertainment: Besides shopping at the malls, there are major entertainment hubs that are located nearby including the Sentosa, Vivo City, and Mount Faber Park. These entertainment joints can be used to host those friends who revel without feeling they are controlled like in the mall environment.

The features within the Towers include:

• All the houses have been planned in such a way that elevates space, access to excellent views and lighting.
• Detailed planning, fittings, Color schemes, accessories, and appliances are of high quality having been tastefully chosen.
• Round the clock, security is ensured with the guard house provided at the entrance and exit. Secured parking for your vehicles is assured too.
• An Olympic size swimming pool is within the complex with sun deck and a private dining area as well. Professional swimmers living in these condos do not have to look elsewhere for their practice sessions. Children too have a swimming pool to enjoy their outdoors.
• An indoor gym and spa pavilion plus an outdoor fitness station, a tennis court are installed to ensure Singaporeans stay fit and healthy. All these services are at your disposal within your time frame.
• A clubhouse and barbeque area are available to allow enough recreational and social connecting through food and fun.

Only a Few Units Remaining

Registration and purchasing for Commonwealth Towers apartments have already started, and you cannot afford to sit back and watch the few remaining units just go. It is an ideal investment you will ever participate in, and you should not delay the decision.

If you are looking for serenity at home for yourself, your family and your loved ones you surely would not invest in a chaotic environment. You would want a quite area that is therapeutic to your mind and body after a long day out there.

This type of ambience sometimes is only a dream we carry along until we can find something close to our dreams. Commonwealth Towers is the answer to your residential needs.

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