Site Plan

Commonwealth Towers Site Plan

Commonwealth Towers Site plan shows off a lot of thoughts were put together to develop such a development. Judging from the developer’s track record, they are known best for outstanding creations that they come up with.

The housing blocks are central surrounded by all the other amenities for easier access. Pools, children’s playground, social dining areas, and spas are set strategically around the towers.

The two sky terraces are set in the best viewing area to watch the city from a far as you relax in the lounge or enjoy social time with the board games.

For all tennis lovers, you get your corner dedicated to the tennis court allowing you some personal space away from everything else.

The towers have two gates – one opening to the bus stop and the Queensway MRT Station for public transport means and the other to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park.

The Commonwealth Towers have a range of different house sizes ranging from one to four bedrooms.

Facilities provided in the Commonwealth Towers are:

5th Story Block 230 Sky Terrace that includes:

  • Swing Lounge
  • Hammock Lounge
  • Solar Bar Corner
  • Tea Garden
  • Chinese Chess Deck
  • Snake and Ladder game deck
  • Sitting Lounge with Reflexology path
  • Yoga Deck
  • 2 Cocktail Lounges

14th story Block 230 Sky Terrace includes:

  • Swing Garden
  • Hammock Garden
  • Picnic Corner
  • Tea corner
  • Toddlers play area
  • Chess Deck
  • Resting area with reflexology path
  • Yoga decks
  • 2 bar Lounges

24th Storey Block 230 Sky Terrace includes:

  • Daybed Lounge
  • Exercise Corner
  • Onset Spa suite with hot and cold spa
  • Meditation Deck
  • Southern Ridges Lounge
  • Two dining lounges

34th Storey Block 230 Terrace includes:

  • Daybed Garden
  • Exercise corner
  • Taichi Corner
  • Spa suites with hot and cold Jacuzzi
  • Garden Lounge
  • City Lounge
  • Two gourmet Lounges

Clubhouse including:

  • Three function rooms
  • Library
  • Lounge
  • Social Plaza
  • Changing rooms with steam rooms
  • Handicap toilet friendly
  • Lifestyle Pools
  • Pool deck
  • Three cabana with Jacuzzi
  • Relaxation Pavilion

Children’s party area includes:

  • Wading pool
  • Barbeque Pavilion
  • Playground
  • 50m lap pool with sun deck
  • Private dining pavilion
  • Two barbecue pavilions
  • Outdoor fitness area
  • Tennis court

Other Facilities:

  • Gym on the 1st story
  • Hydrotherapy pool with aqua gym
  • Three spa pavilions with Jacuzzi
  • Water court
  • Arrival court
  • Covered link way to bus stop
  • Entry to car park
  • Exit from car park
  • Entry court
  • Bin centre
  • Substation
  • Side gate